Mothers Calling Doula Services


~Who am I~


My name is Carissa Ramirez and I live in Southern Minnesota with my husband and three children. Aside for my passion to help women with their journey into motherhood, I enjoy reading, baking, sewing, music, and spending time with my family. I am currently a Midwifery student and hope to continue serving women and their families for many years to come!


It all began with the birth of my fist child. I was unfortunately un-informed and ill prepared, which resulted in a very disappointing birth experience, after that I found myself fascinated by the process of pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Since I was so disappointed with my own birth experience I began to read everything I could find on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting etc. Once I stumbled upon the role of a Doula I was suddenly sad that I had not had that option with my first birth. I then decided to make it a personal mission to help empower women to facilitate the birth experience they dream of. I quickly went through the process of becoming a Doula and finished within a year. I have had the privilege of attending many births and I am still amazed every time.


 I believe that every mother deserves loving support for both her physical and emotional needs during labor and birth. I am able to bring training, experience, and a loving heart to moms and babies during this special time and will work with her to have the birth she really wants for her and her family.